frothy has been reviewing movies in one form or another since before you were born for more than ten years, although few people know it. He likes moonlit nights, cool breezes, bunny rabbits and puppy dogs, and walks on the beach. And Jello! There’s always room for Jello.

Most of the posts here will fall under these major categories:

Numbered Reviews: These are movies that are either new in theaters or newish on home video. They’re numbered, in case you weren’t clear. We have well over 700 of them, and they’re full length.

Older Movies: Anything after 1980 but not new in theaters or newish on home video. For example, I could write a review on a 2004 movie tomorrow, and it’d be a so-called Older Movie – because it ain’t new, no matter how you slice it.

Old Timers’ Movies: And these are the ones with a release date of 1980 or earlier. May still seem new to some of you, but it is at least 35 years ago.

Comments to any posting are readily encouraged, of course.

The stars (*) you see at the end of the review indicate my rating of it, on a scale of * to ****.

**** Awesome. A classic for ever and such.
***1/2 Really, really good. Not perfect, but nearly so.
*** Acceptable. A good movie. Fun.
**1/2 Almost good enough; it’s just missing one or two little things.
** Largely unsatisfying.
*1/2 Bloody awful. Almost nothing to recommend it.
* A must-avoid, although some of these are so bad they’re unintentionally funny.

From space ships to sand dunes, from vast voids of nothingness to the human soul and all its depravities, there’s little I won’t review. Okay, I’m not a fan of foreign films or documentaries, or really of romantic comedies, although they all appear on this site. Wait, romantic comedies? How can a comedy be romantic? Does a comedy sidle up to a girl on a couch and whisper sweet nothings into her ear, or something? How’s that work?

To find a movie, use either the search box at the top of the page or the drop-down box at the lower right of the page.

Would you like to review a movie? Or post something movie related? Email me, and we’ll talk.

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  1. wabbs says:

    Got it added as a RSS feed now. THANKS Dan!

  2. Hey – Love your site! I put a link to it on my movie blog:


    Love it if you put a link up on your site but I’ll link you regardless.
    Just signed up on your email list – looking forward to more posts!

  3. frothy says:

    Will do! And thanks for the link!

  4. olberfann54321 says:

    Just saw Dan’s comment on bloggingolbermann.com and I would like to be added to your list.

    Also, check out:


  5. frothy says:

    We (meaning me) are pleased to make your acquaintance, olberfann. Let me go check out dvdplanet now..

  6. Ernestine says:

    Hey there,

    Love your reviews!

    It would be great if you wanted to review our movie, which is being released by Netflix in a few weeks. Please send me your contact info so I can send you a screener if you’re interested.


  7. frothy says:

    Hello, Ernestine. What is the movie and/or production company? (Just want to make sure you’re not a spam bot.)

  8. Trevor Fox says:

    Are you Paul Frazen’s Brother?

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