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Linda Lovelace for President (**1/2, 1975)

There’s a disclaimer at the outset of this movie warning that the content is guaranteed to offend just about everyone. Here in the 21st century, one should heed that warning. There are all kinds of offensive racial and sexual stereotypes … Continue reading

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Bone Tomahawk (***, 2015)

Bone Tomahawk (what a great title!) is a real genre mashup, horror and western – the likes of which you’ve probably not seen before. The action is light until the final third of the film or so, bu the tension … Continue reading

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Toy Story 4 (***, 2019)

I enjoyed Toy Story 4, which is sort of like saying I like to breathe. It’s nigh impossible to dislike Pixar’s flagship series after 24 (!) years of laughs and heartstring-pulling. Now, along with most people I figured that Toy … Continue reading

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Afflicted (*1/2, 2013)

This lethargic, uninspired take on a rather overdone topic might work if you really identify with the leads. And if not, then you might be in for a woefully dull time. Derek (Derek Lee) and Clif (Clif Prowse) are embarking … Continue reading

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Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood (**1/2, 2019)

It’s not peak Tarantino, and that’s the biggest flaw of this movie. Whole ‘lotta nothing happens for more than two hours, leading to the kind of violent denouement that we’d expect from the auteur. In fact, if you didn’t know … Continue reading

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