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The entire list of what I saw in 2017 [224 films]

… with their respective title and year of original release. As always, feel free to disagree! The BEST (3.5 or 4.0 stars) Baby Driver 2017 Calvary 2014 Darling 2015 Don’t Think Twice 2016 Downfall 2004 Everybody Wants Some!! 2016 Finding … Continue reading

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Trouble Is My Business – it gives noir a good name

Trouble Is My Business, the feature directorial debut of Tom Konkle, is not so much a neo-noir thriller as an homage to noirs of years past. It’s a stylish love poem, really, lifting many of the timeless elements that made … Continue reading

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Justice League gets DC back on track, finally

It’s a low bar to clear, but Justice League is way better than Batman v. Superman. It’s funnier, it has more action, it has less brooding and darkness, and it’s just plain much, much more fun to watch. Justice League … Continue reading

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A Majority of One – ’61 movie is hopelessly dated, mildly racist

In A Majority of One, Alec Guinness plays a Japanese businessman. I don’t mean that he plays a British man masquerading as a Japanese man, I mean that he’s supposed to be the Japanese man in the first place. Alec … Continue reading

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The 50 Best Superhero Movies of All Time

Source: The 50 Best Superhero Movies of All Time These posts are kinda like this one: Political movies and more Borat. Plus: Evan Almighty On this voting day (U.S.), I present the Top 7… “Tweet Seats” Will Annoy What Theatergoers … Continue reading

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