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The Host (2006)

This Korean horror-thriller is pretty intense and overcomes its questionable CGI with engaging performances and a roller coaster ride of a plot. Some time ago, a South Korean scientist – at the direction of an American military doctor – dumped … Continue reading

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High Tension (2003)

This thriller with a twist doesn’t really work, because it negates scenes that occurred earlier in the film. The basic premise is that two young women journey to the remote childhood home of one of them, just to relax and … Continue reading

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Intruders (’15): The house that fear built

In Intruders, a severely agoraphobic young lady (Beth Riesgraf) is menaced by three baddies in search of cash somewhere in her home. But this isn’t a standard home-invasion flick, and she’s not the standard victim, either. This Intruders contains a … Continue reading

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Gambling with Souls: the house always wins

In the 1930s and 1940s, there were a plethora of exploitation films designed to titillate and shock. They all seem pretty tame nowadays, but back then they alerted fine, upstanding families of the dangers of drugs, card games, and other … Continue reading

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The Gift: Would have been so much better if not for Jason Bateman #giftmovie

In this revenge thriller, Jason Bateman plays a success in both business and love, as he’s married to the beautiful Robyn (Rebecca Hall). The couple has moved into a nice house with nice new neighbors, and everything is going nice. … Continue reading

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