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Scream Blacula Scream (**1/2, 1973)

Even better than the original, which was pretty fine in its own right. This sequel to the so-called Blaxploitation classic concerns the resurrection of Prince Mamuwalde, aka Blacula, by a voodoo cultist who’s trying to take over his group after … Continue reading

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Putney Swope (***, 1969)

This dated satire hits the mark more often than not, even 50 years later. Arnold Johnson plays the titular Swope, who becomes a marketing firm’s CEO when the other board members each vote for him while thinking no one else … Continue reading

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Skidoo (**1/2, 1968)

This late-60s artifact has to be seen to be believed. It was, sadly, Groucho Marx’s final film, but he’s still pretty good in it. I think this was a little bit unfairly maligned when it came out – perhaps audiences … Continue reading

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Spider-Man: Far from Home (***, 2019)

Peter Parker is…far from home. As in, he’s in Europe on a school science trip over the summer. Also as in, he’s no longer in metaphorical Kansas and has to do some quick growing up after the death of his … Continue reading

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Poor Pretty Eddie (*1/2, 1975)

This exploitative piece of junk has the distinction of having both Shelley Winters and Ted Cassidy (Lurch from The Addams Family) in the cast. A popular jazz singer, traveling alone in the Deep South, finds herself stranded in a podunk … Continue reading

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