IT (2017) review

Very well done! SK fans should love this, but it won’t be just them. This is a vividly filmed, almost visceral adaptation of King’s ’86 novel – at least the first half or so – that is designed to terrify you, and not just those of you who fear clowns. The child-actor cast is superb (Finn Wolfhard of Stranger Things is a standout), the effects are truly frightening. It‘s (hah, a pun) a movie that preys on myriad fears and combines them with real-life stressful situations like being an outsider or having an abusive parent or being bullied. It’s not a gory movie (although there is blood), but it’s definitely not suitable for youngsters. Bil Skarsgard’s Pennywise is not the same as Tim Curry’s Pennywise – and that’s a good thing. His is a singular performance.



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  1. Ann Franzen says:

    I’ll watch this at home. It looks too scary for the big screen!

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