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719 – World War Z (***)

Although it deviates from the source material more than a tad, World War Z is a certifiable, credible thriller that’s part old-time adventure film and part new-school medical procedural. It’s a fast-moving, intricate, and solidly acted by the indomitable Brad … Continue reading

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709 – Killing Them Softly

Brad Pitt, you’re killing them softly with this movie. Too easy a punch? Eh, it barely landed on him. He’ll be fine, at least much better than the movie itself. Killing Them Softly is another hit man movie but without … Continue reading

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626 – The Tree of Life (**)

I could try to explain The Tree of Life, but I know I’d fail. It’s unexplainable. It’s meant to be, I would suppose, but knowing that didn’t make the movie any more entertaining or provocative to me. This is a … Continue reading

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624 – Moneyball (***)

I think the first thing you need to realize about Moneyball is that it’s not really a baseball movie at all. It’s about innovation in the face of intractable, tradition-bound, go-by-the-gut senses. New thinking versus old thinking. In presenting the … Continue reading

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603 – Megamind (**1/2)

Yes, I know, another stunt-cast animated feature that’s sure to appeal to adults as well as to kids. But it’s because of that supposed stunt casting that Megamind works, at least to some degree. Will Ferrell and Tina Fey, along … Continue reading

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