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761 – The Drop (**1/2) [The Critical Critics]

New review up! http://thecriticalcritics.com/review/reviews/movie_review-the_drop These posts are kinda like this one: 759 – The Last of Robin Hood (**1/2) [The Critical Critics] New review up! At The Critical Critics!… Review #774: As Above, So Below My review of As Above, … Continue reading

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737 – Inside Llewyn Davis (***1/2)

Inside Llewyn Davis is an intimate, well-executed, and honest slice of life. It features a humanistic, heartfelt performance by Oscar Isaac as the titular folk singer, arresting cinematography, and a sharp, tight-fisted script by the Coen brothers, who also directed. … Continue reading

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736 – Out of the Furnace (**1/2)

Out of the Furnace is, as advertised, a grim, gripping tale of two lower-class brothers trying to raise their heads above water. It’s exceptionally well cast, but it trods over some well-worn ground and is an almost-relentless portrait of desolation, … Continue reading

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729 – Blue Caprice (**)

In 2002, the Washington, DC area was rocked by a series of sniper shootings. Alexandre Moors examines the events leading up to the killings, focusing on the unorthodox relationship between John Allen Muhammad and teenager Lee Boyd Malvo in Blue … Continue reading

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721 – Before Midnight (**1/2)

All right, maybe I’m a little jaded by this point, but the final installment of Richard Linklater’s installment just didn’t work for me. Or, at least, it didn’t work nearly as well as the previous two, which were near masterpieces. … Continue reading

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