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Numbered Review #787: Tomorrowland (**1/2)

Loosely based on the Disney attraction of the same name, Tomorrowland is a kinetic frenzy of amazing effects. However, despite the fine pedigree of the director and star, the movie falls a little flat, with a plot that begged for … Continue reading

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731- Gravity (***1/2)

Breaking with tradition, I’ve posted my review of this film at The Critical Movie Critics. Please check it out! These posts are kinda like this one: 732 – Captain Phillips (***1/2) Check out my Captain Phillips review on The Critical … Continue reading

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612 – The American (**1/2)

A few years ago, George Clooney starred in a remake of a Russian sci-fi film called Solyaris. It was very existential, especially for sci-fi movies. In the case of the remake, though, existential meant boring – long periods of nothing … Continue reading

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611 – The Descendants (***1/2)

The Descendants is not a movie that’s easily defined. In the macro view, it’s about a man grieving for his wife, who lies in a coma from which she may never emerge, while simultaneously attempting to care for his two … Continue reading

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608 – The Ides of March (***)

The Ides of March isn’t a story just about the back-alley dealings of those seeking to gain power; it’s a morality tale of how much one must wrestle between doing things because he feels they are the right thing to … Continue reading

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