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Harry Potter 7 will be two movies

Oh, this is really great news. The final Harry Potter book will be split into two movies. Now, some may see this as a cynical way to get more money from fans of the ending franchise, but the books have … Continue reading

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Tomato paste

Oh, man. Please don’t tell me I’m the only one here who remembers the astoundingly awful Attack of the Killer Tomatoes movie(s). I mean, they weren’t even bad enough to be good-bad, partly because (I think) they were intentionally crappy. … Continue reading

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The (almost) two-minute Indy 4 trailer

In case you haven’t already seen it, here it is! I see bad guys, good stunts, bon mots…yep, that’s our Indy! Woo! Cate Blanchett, nominated for two Oscars this year alone, is the evil Russian villainess. Yep, Indy’s going after … Continue reading

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Ellen Page to work with Sam Raimi

If you’ve seen Juno, you’ve seen Ellen Page as a self-assured, slightly Gothy knocked-up high-school student. At no point in the movie do you get the sense that Ellen Page would be a kick-ass horror-movie vixen/heroine, and yet that’s precisely … Continue reading

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Oscars to go on

In case you were wondering, “Hey, there’s a writers strike on! Does that mean the Oscars will be cancelled?” we have an answer. Well, we have AN answer, as in the answer of the moment. And that answer is no, … Continue reading

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