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Review: Antichrist (2009)

I wouldn’t say that Lars von Trier’s Antichrist is hard to watch, but early on there’s some porn-level graphic sex and later on there’s genital mutilation. This just means that this film, like most of von Trier’s movies, is an … Continue reading

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Review: Primer (2004)

Primer is alternately fascinating but puzzling, tedious but exciting, intriguing but flawed. It’s a shortish film (78 minutes) that manages to plod along until a big reveal is made about halfway through the movie; then, just as it arouses some … Continue reading

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The Hill (1965)

The Hill is a brutal film to watch. It stars a (relatively) young Sean Connery as he attempts to avoid being typecast as James Bond and features recognizable British actors in support. It’s a psychological thriller set in a prison … Continue reading

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702 – Side Effects (***)

If you’re lucky, Side Effects won’t be permanent. For half of the movie, it is a persuasive indictment of the pharmaceutical industry and its crass behavior toward its patients; for the other half, it is a three-cornered mystery/thriller, with double … Continue reading

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673 – 247°F (**)

247°F is as straightforward a horror movie as you’ll ever see. It’s uninventive and feels like a giant missed opportunity. In fact, as the movie wears on (and on) one starts to believe that there’s Something behind our protagonists’ troubles … Continue reading

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