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740 – Her (**1/2)

Her is one of those movies that I thought I would and could like, given its unorthodox plot, but I found it to be sad and dull and not so much invigorating as depressing and numbing. It does feature fine … Continue reading

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721 – Before Midnight (**1/2)

All right, maybe I’m a little jaded by this point, but the final installment of Richard Linklater’s installment just didn’t work for me. Or, at least, it didn’t work nearly as well as the previous two, which were near masterpieces. … Continue reading

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718 – Sleepwalk with Me (***)

In the charming, disarming Sleepwalk with Me, a neophyte stand-up comic relates his experiences juggling his burgeoning career with his relationship with his longtime girlfriend and his parents. It’s a really thoughtful slice-of-life seriocomedy with a touch of whimsy and … Continue reading

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Duel in the Sun (1946)

Let me tell you about a funny little movie. In 1946, producer David O. Selznick had the on-paper great idea to make a quasi-sequel to his big hit Gone with the Wind, another sprawling Western with intrigue, love, and gorgeous … Continue reading

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703 – Safety Not Guaranteed (***1/2)

Eerily believable, Safety Not Guaranteed is one of those movies that fools you into thinking it’s one kind of movie (time travel!) but revealing itself to be, well, many movies packed into one. It’s a beautiful look at hope in … Continue reading

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