Tim Burton’s birthday: Geritol candles?

Director Tim Burton is – gasp – 50. Woot.com came up with 10 Movies Tim Burton Can Make Now That He’s Turned 50.

Here’s the entire list, since it’s just, ahem, a list:

1. Big Fish Who Drive Around With Their Radios Turned Up Too Loud
2. Consistently Sleepy Hollow
3. The Nightmare Before Lunch
4. Planet Of The… The… Helen? What Are Those Things That Make That Noise? Eating Fruit And… Zoos And… They Climbed That Building In That One Movie, You Know The One
5. Pee Wee’s Adventure That Was A Lot More Respectful Than You Kids Today
6. Batman Tries To Remember Where He Parked
7. Gallstone Attacks!
8. Charlie And The Fat Kid Who Dies In The Chocolate, That’s What They Should Have Called It, You Know, Back In My Day Movies Weren’t All Feel-Good Like They Are Today
9. Prune Juice
10. Hey, Have I Ever Made One With Johnny Depp Cutting People’s Hair? I Bet That Would Be Pretty Good

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