Welcome, n00bs!

As typically happens around Oscar time, I got a mild (but big for me) boost in traffic this weekend, even today.

Wherever you were that led you to here, hooray! You are now awesome and own the internets. All of them.

A quick primer:

On the home page, you’ll see a long list of categories on the right-hand side. Each category has (usually) only one post – the review of that movie.

There’s a tag cloud along the right side as well that highlights the most popular tags I’ve used over the years.

Most of the posts (ha!) are full-length reviews. The ones with a number in the post title are for movies that either are just in theaters or have been recently released on home video.

We also has a Facebook page! Facebook us!

The website feeds the FB, but I do occasionally post links on the FB rather than here. This is because it’s easier to just dump a link in FB than to make a post here. So when I post on the website itself, I make ’em count!

Commenting is open to everyone, but all comments are moderated. This is good, because it ensures that spam isn’t posted. Usually. Anyway, we don’t get a lot of comments, so it’s no big deal for me to approve as needed. But if I get a lot of them, well.. I may need to revisit that strategy.

Finally, although all of the posts here are by me, I welcome user-submitted posts. Just email me – link is on the website, right-hand side (again).

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